SKIELKA DESIGNSCHMUCK Unique Gold Snowflakes Obsidian 40 x 30 mm Silver Ring (925 Sterling Silver) Working Blacksmith, Ring with Snowflake Obsidian

  • Real chic jewelry - directly from our goldsmiths - individually for you Made - High Quality - Made in Germany since 1990 - insured shipping
  • SKIELKA DESIGNSCHMUCK Gold presents you as a blacksmiths range than to look like designer jewelry ladies and gents accessory. Let enchant your expedition through our jewelry world. Whether trendy earrings, chain high quality gemstone, silver rings or bracelets exceptional value: SKIELKA DESIGNSCHMUCK silver jewelry you receive in the modern and timeless jewelry in Gold design and quality goldsmiths.
  • Ladies jewellery pieces so you can safely and with much pleasure, I guarantee 100% nickel-free jewelry. Each of my jewelry from all types of precious metals such as silver pieces, gold, platinum and palladium is the to were Nickel-free 100%! Only the title '100% were Nickel-free' meets the highest demands and ensures absolute compatibility.
  • With real pieces of jewelry gemstones. all are equipped with one our gemologists expertise - quality to all packaging is Trinkets - our motto is: ' we must buy accessory with Heart. Also Sell Jewellery. Our diverse product range In each heart piece is also my blood.
  • Be advised you want individual and competent, when you buy your jewelry? Use our service, by contacting us. Under + (49) 211 87510965 until Monday Friday of 9A 18 Hours Or Email you will receive helpful tips and information. For your questions we are happy to individual Jewellery for you.

£ 251.83

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